summer 2012 bucket list

Ever since coming back from my time in Europe its really made me want to explore the U.S. in the same way as if I was a tourist.  I grew up here and have yet to see so much. The idea of becoming stagnant in the best damn country in the world is unsettling.  So this is the beginning, my Chicago(ish) bucket list for this summer.  All I wanna know, is whose coming with me?!

Indiana beach sand dunes

Camping in Wisconsin

Trip to kokomos part duex

Kayak down the Chicago River

Take a tour of the Gonella Bread Factory

Play music in the subway for money

Go to the Air Balloon festival and ride an air balloon

 Scuba dive wrecks on Lake Michigan

Taste of Lebanon – Grab falafels and lentil soup

Get a 3am Maxwell Street Polish Sausage

Botanical gardens

Pedway tour

Tour the Board of Trade

Turtle Races at Big Joe’s

Bahá’í temple

Visit Osaka Japanese Garden

 Heaed up to Canada

Find the secret trail railroad track

Frank Lloyd Wright architecture tour

hemmingway house tour

Go to the mine pit in Homewood

Eat alligator at the Taste of Chicago

See an indie film at the Music Box or go to the 24 hour horror movie fest

Visit the Bahai Temple in Wilmette

At the Fiesta del Sol, get a piece from the Pyramid of Meat!

Purchase illegal fireworks and blow them up on the Fourth of July

Visit the Graceland Cemetery and find all of the famous Chicagoans

Dance to real house at Green Dolphin in the Boom Boom Room

Chicago jazz fast

Adler planetarium

Watch a show at second city

Visit the local Microbreweries – 3 Floyd’s, Metropolitan, Half Acre, Revolution Brewing, Flossmoor, Goose Island

Get a Whoopski Dog at Superdawg

Eat Harold’s Chicken Shack on Milwaukee, then have a bacon party

Ride with Critical mass

Starve rock camping

Dress up themed bar hop

Hike the grand canyon

Please send me ideas to add to the list!  As I go through the list ill be sure to keep updating post with how the adventures go.

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