Medeteranian Lamb loin

Mediterranean lamb loin with chicken mousseline, olive oil poached potato, Lyonnais salad and sauce foyot.

Lamb loin

2 Lamb racks

3 Tbsp Fennel seed

3 Tbsp Coriander seed

1 tsp. Peppercorn

Salt to taste

3 Tbsp Blend oil


Chicken mousseline

24 oz Boneless skinless Chicken breast

4 Egg whites

2 Tbsp salt

16 oz. Cream

5 sprig Fresh Tarragon

5 oz small dice Sun dried tomato

3 Tbsp Parsley

Fennel coriander mix

Caul fat

1.Seaprate the loin from the rack, and clean. Save the bones for the sauce.

2.Toast the spices in 350* oven until the aromas release (2-3 min) then coarsely grind in spice grinder.

3.Season the lamb with salt and spices.  Next, add it to a smoking hot pan with blended oil and quickly sear just to caramelize outside.  Baste with hot oil from pan to help develop a crust.

4. set loins aside to cool slightly then put in plastic bag in an ice water bath to cool.

5. Roughly chop chicken breast and then process in a robo coupe with salt until smooth.  Add in the egg whites and process further until it is lightly shiny.  Quickly incorporate cream by pulsing the robot coupe,  and then push through a tamis and fold in tarragon, parsley and sun dried tomato. Chill thoroughly.

*Be sure to keep all components very cold During step 5.

6. On a table, lay down a double layer of plastic, next lay down the caul fat.  Next lay down 1/2 inch thick layer of mousseline , wide enough to wrap around the lamb loin and season with salt and spices.  Lay chilled and dried loin on mousseline and roll being sure it is evenly covered with mousse, and the caul fat is securely set around without too much overlapping.  Wrap again with foil and then secure in a tightly knotted plastic bag.

7. Poach loin in pot of 160*F water until set. (10 min.).  Be sure to use thermometer to keep close eye on the water temperature.

8.  Once set, take the loin out from the water, remove from the plastic and let it rest until you are ready to sear.  Heat cast iron pan with blend oil and thyme and sear lightly on medium heat on all sides.  Let rest 3 minutes and then cut ½ inch slices right before plating.

Lamb glace

Reserved bones

1 Celery stalk medium dice

1 Carrot medium dice

1 Onion medium dice

T Tbsp Tomato paste

4oz Cabernet sauvignon red wine

3 Thyme sprig

1 Bay leaf

24oz Veal stock

1 oz butter


1. Roast bones until lightly caramelized then and lamb scraps in oven and continue process.

2. Add moirpoix to bones and cook on stove until caramelized being careful not to burn.

3. Add tomato paste and cook until flavors meld.

4. Deglaze with red wine and reduce to au sec with herbs.

5. Add stock and reduce until nappe then finish with butter.

Olive oil poached potato

3#Large Yukon Gold potato

2 cups Frantoia olive oil

2 cups Blend olive oil

3 thyme sprig

1 garlic clove

  1. Square off top and bottom side of potato.  Punch with ring cutter of choice and then square off flat sides.  Reserve all scraps to make transparency.
  2. Fill pot with oil  to cover cylinders and cook on low heat until tender with garlic and thyme.
  3. When ready remove almost all oil and return pot to heat to sear on bottom side only.  When crisp, carefully remove from pan with small off  set spatula and hold on ½ pan with paper towels to absorb oil.  Season potato while still hot.

Potato Transparency

1.With remaining scraps rough chop cook in simmering salted water until fully cooked.

2.When ready puree in blender with starch water as needed until silky smooth then season with salt and one thyme sprig.

3. Lay thin on silpat and spread evenly.

4.Bake in oven at 200*F until crisp, when edged lift flip sheet around to crisp evenly on top and bottom.

5. Crack to desired shape and serve.

Foyot sauce

4 oz Columela Vinagre de jerez, sherry-vinegar

2 sprig Thyme

1 Bay leaf

8 sprig tarragon

1 egg

3Egg yolks

8 oz butter

2 tsp peppercorn

2 oz Veal glace

½ bunch parsley chopped finely

  1. Reduce vinegar with 4 tarragon sprigs chopped, herbs and peppercorn by ½ then strain.
  2. Melt butter on stove and keep hot.
  3. Add eggs to blender with vinegar reduction and blend 1 minute.
  4. Slowly add hot butter in about a 6 second time span.
  5. Finish by adding chopped parsley and tarragon and adjusting seasoning to taste.


Lyonnais salad


4 bunches Cleaned Curly endive

3 oz Thinly Sliced French radish

2 oz Small dice Shallot

8 oz King oyster mushroom cut in ½

8 oz Shitaki, wedge cut, stem removed

12 oz Medium dice nueske’s bacon

5 oz Columela Vinagre de jerez, sherry-vinegar

1 Tbsp Dijon mustard

2 oz Frantoia olive oil

Salt and Smoke pepper to taste

  1. Place cleaned endive and radish in medium bowl, then hold in fridge until ready.
  2. Render bacon fat in pan
  3. Add shallot and garlic and sauté till caramelized.
  4. Add mushroom and lightly brown.
  5. Once caramelized raise heat and deglaze pan with sherry.
  6. Reduce by ½ then add mustard and Wisk in olive oil being sure to emulsify.

Season with salt and smoke pepper and then toss into bowl with frisee and lightly dress with warm pan vinaigrette

To plate

  1. Place 1 inch dot of foyot sauce on plate.
  2. Drop potato cylinder on top of it.
  3. Place three slices of loin to left of potato.
  4. Place sauce on bottom edge of lamb loin and let slightly pool below it.
  5. Place salad Behind lamb in tall tight bunch.
  6. Place transparency leaning on potato.

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