Whats a Carcassonne you ask?  A small town just south of Castres which took some back tracking towards Toulouse to make our way around the mountains.  The town was a relative ghost town to much tourists.  Probably because of how frigidly cold it was!  Though bundled in layers of shirts, sweaters, scarved and hoodies we perservered and climbed our way to get to the sight that the whole trip was based around, the castle!

After haggling the receptionist for a cheaper room and warmed up with some coffee we made our way to the castle.  We could see it in the distance and the closer we got the more surreal the day became.  We were making our way to a Mid-evil castle.. a legit stone wall, moat protected fortress.  Very different than my trip to midevil times when I was a wee young lad.

Inside was something like a fully functional enclosed town.  A childrens school, beautiful chapel, restaurants, barracks and the royal home.

The church

The incredible crepes.


You can check out the rest of the photos on my facebook!

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