Anyone who is a cook or any sort of a foodie knows their way around their local farmers market.  Every market has its own personality which is part of what makes it special.  In Chicago we have the green city market which goes year round with farmers from all over the Midwest.  Farmers and foodies are there slugging through mud or hiding in tents away from the snow devouring some of those incredible apple cider doughnuts.

In san Sebastian there was an incredible underground market in a central area of town which had some of the best and freshest sea food ive ever seen.  Theres the fish area, the meat area, the ham area, and the veg area, but you cant go wrong with any of them!

The biggest market would defidently have to go to Barcelona.  The place is a push and shove, fight for your fish Spanish marvel.  We were there for something like 2 hours nearly lost trying to find the way we came in stuffed from fruit, wagyu beef carpaccio, and pizza and smoothies.  The combination almost as ridiculous as eating that carpaccio on a random bench in a park surrounded by parquets.

Oh my mushrooms

Here in castre Im starting to see that it really has the most personality to it.  We go with chef three days a week to several of the shops and have really close relationships with our purveyors.  On Saturday the square really fills up and comes to life.  Booth after booth of incredible cured meats and cheese, a side street devoted to duck and foie, artisan breads and plenty of roast chicken, ducks and paella to keep you coming back for more.  Whats really nice is that since were so close to spain there are still lots of products and influence coming from spain and the basque country.

Foie gras and duck street/heaven

This guy was selling wine out of his van and then shooting it into random plastic bottles.  It was damn good and it was 1 euro probably safe right?

Market madness is what it is, and I love em all.

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