Dia de Santo Tomas, TOMA!

In America we have St. Nick, but in Pais Vasco there is Santo Tomas (St. Thomas).  A gift bearing, pipe smoking, beret wearing, wine loving jolly old man… what’s not to love about him?  So on this day of Santo Tomas the entire city is filled with txistorra sausage, sidra (cider wine), sweets, Basque animals, and more sidra!  You can find a txistorra tent around nearly every bustling corner and twice as much sidra to go around.  Kids who are just old enough to drink (probably) to couples who could be your grandparents walk around the city with a bottle of sidra in one hand, their cup in another and their Txistorra wrapped in talo(tortilla) somewhere in between.

The streets are so full it is as if the entire town decided to stop what they are doing, dress up and eat and drink till from dusk to dawn.  You know it’s a hell of a party when you’ve got mobs of kids singing and sloshing sidra and its not even noon yet.
Though as big of a party it may be its defidently a family event as well.  Here you can see the different booths including food, crafts and animals all from the Basque region.

Unfortunatley the event is only for one day, which might honestly be more than enough.  Somehow the citys gotta sober up and get all the smashed bottles cleaned up and put the snow in for what we really want, a white Christmas.

Check out my Flickr for more photos!

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