The foooood!

A nice part about this event was that there was food around every corner, you could not avoid it.  All kinds of vendors trying to give you their great product, wineries handing out glasses like they were free and incredible lectures that gave you even more food!
Though I make this post not just to make you jealous and make you wish you had smellovision, but as a chance to actually see some of the innovations coming from this event.

Arzack- “Summersault”-This was a dessert that had that pyramid shaped plate which was filled with different purees and sauces that were all strong enough to stick to the plate on their own.  It was then flipped upside down to have a choclate placed on top.  Trying to make eating more interactive.

This was a shrimp dish.  Two little shrimps that were poached in a sauce were filled into the grilled lemon.  There is then that paper with made to mimic flames to try to set the tempo for the dish.  The lemons were grilled on volcanic rocks, the paper had a volcanic ash on it and the dish was sprayed with a certain type of perfume to try to hit you in multiple senses.  This was actually really cool.  It hit you with taste, smell and actual diners would have a small i pad like screen below a glass plate playing a loop of flames to hit you visually as well.  A bit cheesy?  Maybe, but I love the direction they’re going.

Tasty nameless thing 1

Tasty nameless thing 2

This was a booth that had some really interesting and tasty cocktails throughout the event using rum.  This one had rum, lemonade, wakame, sea fennel and some blue stuff.  Very intersting flavors that worked so well together.

This lovely friend of mine here had some great cheeses from france.  One that I enjoyed in particular was her roquefort.  They get the mold using a very interesting technique.  They take rye bread and bake it in a very very hot oven so that the outside is basically burned and the inside is still raw.  Then then take these loaves and put them in a cave for some time to create the blue mold for the cheese.  Its magical really.

I think they like ham here…

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