So this whole event was one incredible spectacle for me.  The food, the chefs, the venue, everything about it had me in awe like a kid at a candy store.  I want to share as much as I can with everyone, though that will be a bit crazy in just one post.  So im going to try to make a post every day this week going over something from the event.

First thing on the list is to show you a bit from martin’s demonstration. He showed a lot of what were doing in the restaurant.  The new menu, the new dining room and kitchen as well as some things that are in the works for next year at the restaurant.

This was the tasting given away at his lecture.  Essentially its a tasting portion of our salmon tartar course.  salmon tartar and roe, wakame, cucumber gelee, cherry juice picked red onions.  Very clean and fresh with great layers of flavors, love this course.

Martin is huge in Spain, that is indisputable.  While trying to take this photo we had several people coming up for his autograph, and he gladly gave it.

Something we were able to see before martin even went to the stage was the influence he has had on other chefs in Spain.  Before martin took to the stage we watched some of the younger rising chefs go on to speak for their topic.  There were a few that mentioned their time with martin and the great influence he had.  They wore it as if it was a badge of honor. which it really is.

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