Lost in translation

Ever talk to someone in another language that you yourself can barely speak?  You know you’re butchering it and end up playing a game of charades just to try to get a few phrases across.  Being in another country causes so many things to get misinterpreted. Language is an obvious one, though because we come from nearly two different worlds there are so many other things that get intertwined.  Theory on food, fashion, ethics, habits, Nearly anything you can imagine is a bit different when you grow up in a different culture.  When you have certain beliefs how can you say the other person is wrong?  Americans believe ABC about food, while Europeans believe XYZ, whose right/wrong?  Is anyone?  I suppose the idea to take away is not one side or the other, but to simply have an open mind and embrace different cultures and what they believe.  No matter how bizarre it is.

American style cookies and soda? What does that even mean!?

Published by marcobahena


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