They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, grow in the dirt and some can kill you but boy is it worth it. Mushrooms, I swear Basque country has got some of the best.  You can see this is a mushroom loving area when you can walk into any little corner store and find beautiful hongos peppered with grass and grit looking like they were picked out of the dirt just a few hours earlier.

So many chanterelles around the city, you could take a bath in them.

These are some of the in season beauties but regardless they have really cheap, beautiful fresh oyster and shitaki mushrooms that are flaunted around like they are some mass produced bargain white button mushroom.

A while back we had lunch with some friend including our dear Marti.  After eating this plate of mushrooms she made the comment that she would gladly take this over a plate of meat…bold statement.  For a long time I wanted to disagree, though I can no longer deny it.  yes there are some amazing quality meats that are some serious omnomnom’s, but a great plate of mushrooms can easily hang with the best of them.

Heres a couple shots of some great stuff we got in at the restaurant.

Yeah that thing was as big as my head, unreal.

If I were to mail kilo’s of these things to the U.S. I would finally be able to buy that pet baby tiger ive always wanted…oh well.

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One thought on “Hongos!

  1. chanterells, what a delicay, fried in a big load of butter and serve on a toast, nice treat after spending hours in the woods picking them.

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