Fall Food

One thing that Europe has always been known for is their greater respect for their product. Each area has their distinct product that they are known for and everyone from that area will go to the grave saying their product is the best. I know a Spaniard who refuse to eat any jamon thats not Spanish, an Italian who laughs at the pasta we have for staff meal so instead eats a pile of shredded carrots and well we all know that san Pellegrino has the best water in the world.
The dedication people have to their products is clearly seen in the incredible flavors. Though sometimes you find the little things that really blow you away. At the market today I saw some pears that had wax on the ends of the stem. Why would they do this? Sure it looks cool, but there has to be more to it. I came to find out that they do it in the fall so that the pears can become perfectly ripe and retain more of its natural moisture…and yes it was absolutely perfect. Velvety soft texture, an incredible natural sweetness and juice falling down my chin on every bite, omnomnom.
We do something similar in the US, spraying them with wax. Though it’s not nearly as romantic and forces you to scrub away or peel some of the integrity to the pear. Blah. I gotta say im loving Basque country with every bite.

Next time im buying the whole crate.

Olive tree! Stuffing this in my suitcase home too.

100 euro for 100 ml of balsamic…they dont mess around here.

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