Another day

Every so often I find myself working on prep or on the line and forget if its the day or night shift.  It takes looking out the window or the clock to snap back and realize that its Friday(our version of Wednesday) and its just the lunch service.  Since the style of the restaurant is a multi course tasting menu the routine is the same for night and day with out much adjustment to the menu.  The routine is working the lunch service, going home for a quick siesta nap, back for dinner service and then back home to do it again.

The rise and grind routine takes its toll on some people.  Though the truth of the matter is its really not that bad.  Like anything its a matter of being able to adapt.  Working here really helps push the boundaries of what you thought you couldn’t do.  It is a restaurant that is dependent on having a strong team of practicas (intern’s) and therefore moving up the ranks is a matter of standing out.  Pushing yourself to get to the level you want to be at.  Interns  are coming and going every week, so moving up is a matter of how bad you want it.

Can easily say that more than half the people are gone from this photo taken no more than a month ago.

Caio italia!

Though with the good comes the bad, and with that same opportunity you get from stages coming and going it means friends going as well.  Ive been on the fish station since Ive started and what started as a group of 15 or so practicas turned into the magnificent 7.  Which lasted a short time until people slowly started to head back home.  This week Alberto (or Italia as we called him) heads back to italy, last week it was Carlos from southern spain, and the week before it was Carlos From the U.S.  One day well have to get the band back together… for a mission from god.

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2 thoughts on “Another day

  1. I can’t believe this. You are pretty awesome, dude. You are doing what you have dreamed off. Keep walking and Good lucks will come your way from my blessings. GO BAHENA!!!!!!!!!

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