Back home its pretty common to have to know an area pretty well or at least ask around a little bit if you want to go out and get some good food.  In san sebastian its pretty easy to stumble into any tapas bar and get a drink and a great tasting tapa along with it.  The most common drink to order is either a caña (house draft beer) or a txakaoli which is a sparkling white wine grown in the area.  The wines are great although I gotta say I do really miss the craft brews from back home.  Another cool thing about the bars here is that you pretty much just throw your garbage on the floor.  Be it napkins, olive pits, mussel shells, it doesnt matter, just toss it.  It just brings out the inner slob in me, gotta love it.

This is a shot of the streets in the old town of San Sebastian.  Kind of more of a touristy area but its usually got a lot of fun stuff going on and plenty of great bars.

Fried shrimp.  If you fry it, they will buy it!

Calamari a la plancha with romesco, classic.

Octopus a la plancha in a light vinaigrette with cabbage.

and when it comes to paellea, they dont mess around.

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