Today was a pretty busy service for lunch.  Were supposed to max out at 50 covers and we had 52 today.  Though we got a little bit of a treat as well as a surprise when we had a special order for a turbot.  Who came to the fish station to cook it?  None other than Martin himself.  Ive had whole turbot once, when I rcently was at restaurante Elkano (a clue to the next post by the way).  Its really a delicious fish that is a bit under appreciated in the US.   None the less, take a look at these shots of the master at work..





The secret to cooking the fish is finishing it with a sort of vinaigrette.  You take the oil that the fish was cooked in then pour it off in a heated pan, add some vinegar, mix and baste.  Do this a couple times and you have a beautifully cooked and basted turbot.

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One thought on “Turbot

  1. The Romans loved turbot. It was a favorite at banquets and special occasions and prime specimens sold for a rediculously high price. They cooked it with olive oil and used Garum (a traditional fish sauce) for seasoning. Sometimes, for the very rich, they seasoned with Silphium (a now extinct herb).

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