Summer in the city

Many more posts to come, but here is a few shots from around Lasarte and San Sebastian.

Aizkora Proba, basically a wood chopping sport of the basque region.

Kebab sammich-Its sliced meat cut off of a spit, sort of like a gyro.   Pretty popular out here, great late night food.


Went to a restaurant in Lasarte and picked up this menu.  At first I thought I was getting really bad at Spanish.  Though I quickly found out that this menu was in basque…good luck reading it.

Breakfast of Champions!

Looks like the graffiti nerds out here know English.

Croquetas…very, very very, OMNOMNOM!  If you didn’t know its basically deep fried bechamel with ham or whatever you like…id eat these every day if I could.

Unfortunately it does rain here a lot, sometimes coming from out of nowhere.  So Alberto here has this very fashionable trash bag rain coat.

Obey is plenty popular out here!

Fair amount of street performers, just like anywhere else.  Today we happen to see a team of breakdancers/gymnasts.

Ended up going to the beach this weekend for a couple reasons.  Had my first experience with surfing which went…well.  Only had a few good runs and a whole lot of falling off the board.  Though Ive got plenty more time to learn and couldn’t be in a better place to do it.  After that ended up meeting with a bunch of the guys from Martin Berasatagui restaurant at the beach as well.  After some soccer, food and drinks we were all beached out.  Great weekend if you ask me.

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