Sammic visit

Today was a trip with the basquestage the sammic factory, with me being  the nerd I am it was defidently something really cool to check out.  Coming in we got to check out their whole army of products that they make.  Immersion blender, robot coupes, mixers,vacuum sealers, freezers, slicers grinders, pretty much a one stop shop for anything you could ever want…including a potato peeler machine!  I think its actually a really cool idea, never seen anything like it in the US.

We pretty much got a full tour of the whole facility. Everything from hot aluminum being poured into molds to the testing of completed tools. It really gave me a little bit of a perspective into how massive the company is. In regard to anything, people always like to joke about the cost of a product and how it cost a company one nickel worth of metal to make something. Though what we dont see are the giant CNC milling machines, giant cranes just to move things around in the inventory warehouse, the testing and labor that goes into designing, testing, marketing and shipping it to your door. Pretty intense operation once you really think about it.

Me and cameron at the entrance of the Sammic factory.

Inside look into one of the components to the potato peeler machine.  The machine pretty much cycles the potato having them scrape against the side of the bowl which has a rough surface.  So as it spins, you get peeled potatoes!

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