So I went running with the bulls!  …by the bulls…10 feet above them… safe on a balcony with some coffee and croissants.  So maybe I chickened out and didn’t actually run, but it was defidently a very cool experience! I missed the bus ride that I ended up booking to head to Pamplona, but my new and very dear friends Beth and David saved my life by letting me ride with them in their car which was headed there that morning.  Thanks a ton friends!  Coming into the city was somewhat surreal.  The town was flooded with people wearing all white with red bandanas and belts, the traditional outfit for San Fermin (the running).  We were there just Sunday morning, but apparently its a whole week long festival which goes non stop…and I literally mean non stop.  People start and stop at different times, but it is a week long party in which the streets get flooded with people, beer and bulls.

The spot we were in was actually pretty rare to get, its pretty much impossible to get a balcony view, but not us apparently.  The whole thing happens so fast.  A bell goes off marking the release of the bulls and then they’re off.  I swear if you blinked you would have missed it.  We were in a spot which overlooked them running a corner and it still went by in a flash.  Fortunately Beth was able to catch a great shot of them turning the corner.

After seeing how it is all set up I am really tempted to go back and actually run…or well at least get inside the gates.  From what it seems, the crazy people are the ones who actually run right in front of the bulls, and its actually a sport for some people.  They train and run every day during the week of the running.  Though if you’re within the fences and are by a wall its really not too dangerous…unless you’ve got bad luck that is.

Anyway, after the excitement, and going through the city checking out everything going on we headed back to the hotel for a nap and little breakfast in bed…oh how spoiled I was.  Owe you one Beth!

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