Searching San Sebastian

 So today was spent mostly getting a feel for the big city near where we are staying, San Sebastian.  A couple of the more exciting parts of the day were going out for tapas and going hikingish.

 The first tapas bar that we went to was Marti’s favorite, Zeruko.  It was a great way to jump into tapas bars.  It was relatively modern but had a pretty casual environment.  The chalkboard menu really shows that and is actually a pretty popular trend in tapas bars.

 Marti giving the low down on what to order.

Pistachio covered Iforgottoaskems.


Foie gras sphere with mango.

 Soo maybe I have more than one Iforgottoaskems, but theyre great food porn!
Next stop was Borda Berri, another pretty cool tapas bar.  This place was a little bit less modern, but the things we got won in flavor hands down.

 Pig ear with romesco and chimichuri.  So far this has been the best thing Ive eaten the whole trip.

Braised veal check inside of a roasted pequillo pepper… OM NOM NOM NOM.  Kind of reminded me of Brownings oxtail marmalade.
Once we had decided we couldn’t eat any more we decided to walk it off by heading up that big mountain (Castillo de Mota) in the background there.  The plan was to go meet Jesus up top. 

As you head towards the mountain you are forced to enjoy the beautiful view of this little San Sebasstian oasis, Concha bay.  If it makes you feel better it was exactly the sunniest day out so we didn’t go in the water…real horrible I know.

Then there’s the view from the top.
and into the castle we go…
To say whats up Jesus…(as he points to the sky.)
On our way down the back of the mountain I make you extra jealous with these sweet pictures of the water.  It honestly smelled so clean and refreshing.  Nothing like the ocean breeze as advertised on my air freshener.

Thats all you get for now, though trust me there are plenty more adventures ahead.

Spoiler alert…ARZAK.

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