Settling into Spain

So after an a flight to Madrid, another to Bilbao, and a road trip to Lasarte Oria we finally made it to our new home, after a stop for some tapas in Bilbao that is.  None the less, heres some photos of where im going to be living for the next 6 months.  Gotta say im pretty excited to have a balcony.  A big difference from the garden apartment ive been in for so long.

   I love the fitness center we have in front.


True to my word, after landing in Madrid the first thing I ate was some Jamon imberico.  A little olive oil on some bread, simple.
The Sign that welcomed us into our new home.
In Bilbao we went for a walk around the city and went by the Guggenheim museum, as well as this beast called “mother”
Guggenheim museum…look familiar chicagoans?
 View from our apartment balcony…yeah.
Beautiful blue kitchen with a door to the balcony.  Super secret washing machine is under the sink.
aaand the view from our other balcony… double yeah.
The one and only thing I cared about and was most excited for… THE BIDET!!!  T.P. is for chumps.

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