Vallodolid tapas competition: Im still on Spanish time, so itll get done late and after some iberico and fine wine

So this next competition was quite a big one.  It was essentially an international Tapas competition that was put on by the International Culinary School of Valladolid.  It is a school in Valladolid Spain that has not been built yet, but looks very promosing.  The competition consisted of  15 students from all over the world including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puero Rico, Ireland, Sweeden, Denmark, Bulgaria,France, italy as well as a few others.  We all came together to create our signature dish using local as well as spanish flavors.
     In order to qualify I had to create my signature dish, have it be judged at school, get selected from the competition team and then practice it vigourously.  The dish I created was a Porcini crusted rabbit rack with black garlic alioli, manchego crisp with saffron cherry onion marmalade and rabbit rillete with parsley and paprika.  I know what everyone really wants is to see all the great pictures and stories from spain.  So ill start off with a little teaser of the pictures that Chef Zonka, who went with me, has posted and then eventually get around to mine.

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